Compiling Executables

deno compile [--output <OUT>] <SRC> will compile the script into a self-contained executable.

> deno compile

If you omit the OUT parameter, the name of the executable file will be inferred.


As with deno install , the runtime flags used to execute the script must be specified at compilation time. This includes permission flags.

> deno compile --allow-read --allow-net

Script arguments can be partially embedded.

> deno compile --allow-read --allow-net -p 8080
> ./file_server --help

Cross Compilation

You can compile binaries for other platforms by adding the --target CLI flag. Deno currently supports compiling to Windows x64, macOS x64, macOS ARM and Linux x64. Use deno compile --help to list the full values for each compilation target.

Unavailable in executables