Vendoring Dependencies

deno vendor <specifiers>... will download all remote dependencies of the specified modules into a local vendor folder. For example:

# Vendor the remote dependencies of main.ts
$ deno vendor main.ts

# Example file system tree
$ tree
├── main.ts
└── vendor
    ├── import_map.json

# Check the directory into source control
$ git add -u vendor
$ git commit

To then use the vendored dependencies in your program, just add --import-map=vendor/import_map.json to your Deno invocations. You can also add --no-remote to your invocation to completely disable fetching of remote modules to ensure it's using the modules in the vendor directory.

deno run --no-remote --import-map=vendor/import_map.json main.ts

Note that you may specify multiple modules and remote modules when vendoring.

deno vendor main.ts test.deps.ts

Run deno vendor --help for more details.